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Jamila remains committed to advocating for a living wage for all persons working in Maryland, as well as paid family and medical leave. She is also committed to assuring small businesses will not be adversely impacted by providing these services.

Jamila will work diligently to assure all students in Maryland have access to a quality public education, regardless of their zip code, color, or family's financial status.

Jamila will continue to fight to end the stigma and shame associated with mental health and mental illness, and to advocate for the increase of both in-patient and out-patient mental health services and access to mental health support.

Jamila is dedicated to assuring our carbon footprints do not adversely impact us and our environment. She will write and/or serve as a sponsor for legislation that will assure the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we benefit from are as free from toxins as possible.


Jamila will continue to support efforts to end the negative impacts of substance abuse and use and support programs that will provide alternatives to harmful drug usage in our community.

Jamila will continue to serve as a fierce advocate for supportive services for re-entry. She is committed to assuring citizens re-entering the community, following incarceration, are able to obtain identification, as well as transportation support, obtain viable housing and employment/apprenticeship options.

Jamila will remain a strong advocate for housing for all, with a special emphasis on assuring affordable housing for seniors, low-income wage earners and other vulnerable populations.

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